Autumn Planting continued… Trees

The time for final decisions on tree planting is definitely upon us. Planting now will give any new trees the best chance for a full growing season next year.

The original plan called for a Princeton elm to be planted in the NE corner where it would be very close to the maturing Turkey Oak and the large Lime. A better suggestion was to develop the area based on the silver birch that’s already in place.

We will plant 4 more silver birches to fill the gap and create the effect of a ‘drift’ of these elegant trees. The exact site for each tree will be decided when they are in hand. One will most likely go where the Cyclamen is now, the white flower set at the base to reflect off the silver birch bark. We are confident that they will add light and interest to a relatively dark area of the square.

We will still plant a Princeton Elm on the north side of the square but our focus is now on finding a suitable site to the west of the gate.

Finally… some photos of Autumn colour:

Autumn colour from one of our acers

Autumn Planting and Future Plans

Jean and Maz at work
Jean and Maz putting finishing touches to the main flowerbed

A few of the changes planned for Autumn:

  • Thin out the main flower bed, dividing and transplanting where necessary. Plant a section of purple Heuchera to add contrast.
  • Wildlife Area: Plant 4-6 more small birches to create the feel of a natural looking glade. Add to existing planting with nectar rich and berrying plants to encourage a diverse insect population. Move the Viburnam to the edge
  • Allow the Hyrdangeas by the south gate a season or two to establish and intersperse with 3-5 acers
  • Add a third large fern, to be grouped with the other 2 in the south plant bed
Winter Planting
Dark coloured heuchera planted in the main flower bed

Autumn Committee Meeting

Here is a summary of the items discussed at our Autumn meeting:

We’re winners! Montpelier Square has placed in the top three in the annual Garden Square competition. Our exact position (Gold, Silver or Bronze) will be announced at the prize giving on November 2nd at the Guildhall. Our gardening team and Lady Marshall have every right to feel a glow of pride as we were competing against 50 other squares. We’re hoping to improve on our third place showing in 2006.

The annual budget for extra planting is to be increased to £2000 from £1500 in order to bring some Autumn colour to the garden. Our finest time is always Spring and we are hoping to extend colour and interest further through the gardening year with this additional planting.

Westminster City Council have requested that we plant two additional London Plane trees on the North side of the garden. The London Plane is a magnificent tree and they help define some of the best avenues in London but their sheer size can overwhelm a small space like Montpelier Square so Westminster have acquiesced to our suggestion of planting an Elm instead. They still want one Plane but a compromise has been reached. To this end we are looking to plant a Princeton elm this autumn, somewhere on the NE corner of the square.