Autumn Planting continued… Trees

The time for final decisions on tree planting is definitely upon us. Planting now will give any new trees the best chance for a full growing season next year.

The original plan called for a Princeton elm to be planted in the NE corner where it would be very close to the maturing Turkey Oak and the large Lime. A better suggestion was to develop the area based on the silver birch that’s already in place.

We will plant 4 more silver birches to fill the gap and create the effect of a ‘drift’ of these elegant trees. The exact site for each tree will be decided when they are in hand. One will most likely go where the Cyclamen is now, the white flower set at the base to reflect off the silver birch bark. We are confident that they will add light and interest to a relatively dark area of the square.

We will still plant a Princeton Elm on the north side of the square but our focus is now on finding a suitable site to the west of the gate.

Finally… some photos of Autumn colour:

Autumn colour from one of our acers

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