London Square Garden Competition

A message from Janet Marshall:

I am happy to report that at last week’s Award Presentation Evening at the Guildhall the Montpelier Square Garden was awarded Gold and lst Place in the Small Private Squares category.

Standards get higher and competition stronger each year and it is a great accolade to our gardeners that for the past three years in succession they have taken the top spot.

It has not been an easy year in the garden. The hot, dry Summer has necessitated a great deal of extra handwatering and it is very pleasing that their dedication, vigilance and teamwork has been recognised and rewarded.

The competition is administered by the London Gardens Society and is an annual competition open to all the garden squares in London, public or private.

2017 AGM Report

On Wednesday 22nd we held the AGM of the Montpelier Square Garden Committee. This is a meeting that any council tax-paying resident of Montpelier Square can attend, whether they own or rent their house.

Among the issues discussed at the meeting:

  • We won the Garden Squares Competition in the “Small Private Squares” category for the second year in a row and we also received a RHS gold star.
  • We had our railings repainted this year, costing us almost £30,000
  • The annual precept for the maintenance of the garden will be increased from £45,000 to £47,000. That works out to £998 per house.

Minutes of 2017 AGM

Link to all the minutes of our meetings:

2016 Signed Accounts

The audited final accounts are now available for the year ending December 31, 2016.

Our aim is to have a reserve of approximately one year’s expenses on hand to deal with unforeseen expenses such as irrigation, emergency tree surgery or garden shed repairs.

Our accountants are ST Partnership. Their contact details are here.

2016 Signed Accounts

Autumn Colour in Montpelier Square

Massaria found in Montpelier Square

A large branch viewed in cross-section showing extensive damage by the massaria fungus.
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One of the Plane trees has had a large branch removed after massaria was spotted during an inspection in late February. The offending branch was removed and all our other planes trees were promptly inspected but received the all clear.

Massaria is a fungus that attacks London planes trees and can lead to branches dying and dropping to the ground unexpectedly, hurting people or causing damage to property. For this reason the spread of massaria is being closely watched throroughout London’s plane tree population.