Annual Residents Meeting

This years Annual Residents Meeting will be held on

26th March at 6:30pm

at The Montpeliano Restaurant, 1st Floor

All residents are invited to attend. Some light refreshments will be served.

The Montpelier Square Garden Committee manages the square garden on behalf of the residents. According to the rules we operate under there can be no less than three and no more than nine committee members at any one time. If more than nine nominations are received then a written poll will be conducted.

If you would like to join the committee for the 2012/13 year then please use the form attached below to nominate yourself for election. The nomination deadline is March 12th. Please return completed forms to Number 8.

CommitteeMemberNominationForm (PDF)

These are the minutes of last year’s meeting:

ARM_2011 (PDF)

Autumn Committee Meeting

Here is a summary of the items discussed at our Autumn meeting:

We’re winners! Montpelier Square has placed in the top three in the annual Garden Square competition. Our exact position (Gold, Silver or Bronze) will be announced at the prize giving on November 2nd at the Guildhall. Our gardening team and Lady Marshall have every right to feel a glow of pride as we were competing against 50 other squares. We’re hoping to improve on our third place showing in 2006.

The annual budget for extra planting is to be increased to £2000 from £1500 in order to bring some Autumn colour to the garden. Our finest time is always Spring and we are hoping to extend colour and interest further through the gardening year with this additional planting.

Westminster City Council have requested that we plant two additional London Plane trees on the North side of the garden. The London Plane is a magnificent tree and they help define some of the best avenues in London but their sheer size can overwhelm a small space like Montpelier Square so Westminster have acquiesced to our suggestion of planting an Elm instead. They still want one Plane but a compromise has been reached. To this end we are looking to plant a Princeton elm this autumn, somewhere on the NE corner of the square.


2011 Annual Residents Meeting – Minutes

Our annual residents meeting was held on 28th March at the Montpeliano restaurant.


  • Garden Associates appointed as our new gardeners, starting April 1st
  • Major tree pruning is complete
  • New Byelaws have been written and are awaiting court approval
  • New operating procedures have been written to cover committee business

Next year’s meeting will be on 26th March 2012.

Attached: ARM Minutes 28.3.11

2011 Accounts

The audited final accounts are now available for the period ending March 31, 2011.  We have moved our financial year to coincide with the fiscal year and that meant we are accounting for a 15 month period from Jan 1, 2010 to Mar 31, 2011.

We are in an acceptable position financially due to the temporarily heightened level of the precept and the efforts of the committee to keep expenditure to a minimum for the past two years.  Our aim is to have a reserve of approximately one year’s expenses on hand to deal with unforeseen expenses such as irrigation, emergency tree surgery or garden shed repairs.

Our accountants are Peter Edney & Co who can be reached at edney AT