Irrigation Alert

water leak jpg Our irrigation system has a leak and is currently out of action. We’re hoping it’ll be restored to health by mid-May and a little rain in the meantime wouldn’t hurt.

Our water experts are Auto-Rain Irrigation and they found the initial leak when de-winterising the system in March. Our system is constructed of (now old-fashioned) PVC pipes and at some point over the winter a careless spade or fork has shattered a section of the main water pipe.

The leak was mended with some strong glue and a little ingenuity but when testing the mend some stones and debris were flushed through the system and these are now blocking the valves that govern the water flow around the garden. Our system is split into 9 zones and valves in zones 3 and 4 are jammed by small stones so that they can open but not close. So the water can be turned on… But it can’t be turned off.

Parts have been ordered and AutoRain are on the case but we are not expecting a resolution before Easter.